Current Research


Examining Factors that Contribute to Students’ Career Development and Wellness

We have several ongoing projects that examine intrapersonal (e.g., coping responses, self-efficacy beliefs), interpersonal (access to social support, vicarious learning opportunities), and environmental (e.g., experiences with racism and classism) factors that have implications for students’ vocational development and mental health.

Exploring Internships as a form of Work-Based Learning: Implications for College Students

Several lab members are working in collaboration with colleagues from UW’s Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions (CCWT) to understand students’ experiences with college internships using a longitudinal, mixed methods study design. Dr. Thompson is a Co-PI on The College Internship Study, funded by the National Science Foundation.


Understanding Experiences of Underemployment among Adult Women

We are conducting a qualitative investigation of women’s experiences with underemployment in order to better understand a work status in which women are overrepresented.

Examining the role of Social Class in Psychotherapy

We have several investigations that seek to understand the role of client social class in psychotherapy using a variety of study designs and methodologies. For example, we are exploring clients’ experiences in psychotherapy, examining client outcomes from psychotherapy, and assessing psychotherapists’ perceptions of clients based upon social class indicators.