We would love to hear from you!


We want to hear from you!

Graduate students in the Work and Wellness Lab are a diverse community of students who work collaboratively within and across research projects. Members use the spaces to generate future research projects and to ask for support on current projects. Member are trained in both research methods, scientific writing, data analysis, and presentation skills. They are provided with opportunities to participate in mock-interviews, to run through presentations and to submit research proposals for conferences.

The lab meeting space provides an opportunity for support and mentorship in personal and professional development holistically. Members are encouraged to seek support and share resources with each other. They also engage in a weekly reflective exercise of goal setting that incorporates self-care strategies to promote overall wellness. We view professional development and growth as integral to the function and purpose of the lab, and goes hand and hand with the research we produce.

Please contact Dr. Mindi Thompson (mnthompson@wisc.edu) if you wish to discuss or learn more about our ongoing projects.